Land Surveying Services
Axis Land Survey provides a wide variety of services, whether you are purchasing an existing home, building your dream home on the lake, or planning a residential or commercial development.
Types of measurement reports

Licensed in Virginia and West Virginia, here at Axis Land Survey we perform a vast array of Survey Types from small lots to large tracts and even Subdivisions.

  • Boundary surveys, large and small
  • Major/Minor Subdivisions
  • Family/Annual Exempt Divisions
  • Foundation and house location surveys
  • Construction layout/staking
  • Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Flood Elevation Certificates and LOMAs
  • Surveys for Permits
  • Site plans for New Construction or Existing home additions, Well and Septic
  • Shoreline permits for docks and other structures on Lake Anna
  • Surveys for Developments
  • Locating Wetlands, RPA limits
  • ALTA/ACSM surveys
Types of Land Surveying

A Boundary Survey is recommended before buying, subdividing, improving or building on land. The purpose of a Boundary Survey is to map and identify the location of property lines. The surveyor looks for any easements, encroachments, surrounding property and past documented records. Easements can include utilities such as water, sewer and power lines on the property. Encroachments refer to any person, other than the owner, utilizing the land that isn’t authorized to do so. Examples of an encroachment include: neighboring driveways, fences, structures, etc. that go past the property line. Once the Boundary Survey is completed the surveyor then creates a “Plat of Survey” that documents all pertinent information to that property. A Boundary Survey is commonly completed prior to buying property because it legally protects against future disputes and rebuilding.