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AXIS LAND SURVEYING has operated in Virginia since 1993.  The company was established by Rexford L. Ostrander, a licensed land surveyor since 1976.  Real estate development and sales have waxed and waned in the last 40 years and many companies have come and gone, while Axis Land Surveying has stood the test of time.  Not only has the company survived, it has grown to meet the surveying needs of Spotsylvania and the surrounding counties, as well as the City of Fredericksburg.

While the company has grown, we here at Axis Land Surveying continue to provide the same friendly service that our clients have come to expect.

There are many ways we can serve you, as we are licensed in Virginia and West Virginia. We perform a vast array of Survey Types from small lots to large tracts and even Subdivisions. Whether you are getting ready to build a new home or are purchasing an existing property, we can provide you an accurate comprehensive measurement report.

Contact us with any questions on survey matters you do not understand. No Charge for inquiries, estimates, or to get your question answered.

“I thank you for considering Axis Land Surveying for your next project.” – Rex Ostrander